About The In-Between

We are all on a journey.  For some the path is more clearly marked than for others.  But no matter where we are in the process there is always something we’ve already walked through and always more up ahead.  We are all living in the in-between to some degree.  The challenge of the in-between is contentment.  It’s easy to look ahead and think “if I could just graduate college, then I’ll find the perfect job.”  “If I could just get married, then I’ll be happy and complete.”  “If I could just not be pregnant anymore, then I’ll be able to see my ankles again.”  “If someone would just give me an opportunity to speak, then I could be the next Beth Moore.”  “If I can just make it through this 7 day military diet, then I’ll lose the first ten pounds and really get my weight loss jump started.”  The “ifs” and “thens” are different for each of us, but the idea is the same.  We are living in-between the now and the what could be.  What if we learned to be content where we are?  What if we just decided to embrace the now?  The In-Between is all about encouraging you to find joy in the present, in the right now.  It’s about sharing the real, the awkward, the unglamorous of the now, and walking through it together.  You will hear stories from other women who understand exactly what you’re going through.  You will also hear from ladies that you have absolutely nothing in common with, but that’s the beauty of it all.  We can all learn and grow from one another’s stories and experiences.  Our heart and our prayer is that you will laugh and learn and be encouraged in whatever season of life you are in-between.


This is a story of sisters.  Two girls, born two and a half years apart, living in two different cities.  First came Paige.  The textbook oldest child full of leadership potential and drive.  Smart, athletic, blonde, wise, with a hint of bossiness, and a massive heart for the world.  Then came Leslie.  A middle child if there ever was one.  Funny, musical, brunette, introvert, with a great love for baths, writing, and a good Netflix marathon.  These two grew up close.  We are talking bunkbeds, shared clothes, and late night chats.  Recently Leslie moved far, far away to Nashville, TN and left Paige in Lubbock, TX.  But it was in-between those 1,000 miles they decided to launch this podcast/blog/website/movement.

Paige Allen

Paige is wife to Josh, and mom to Selah and Haven.  They somehow discovered the most beautiful spot in all of dry and windy Lubbock, TX to call home.  She wears many hats as a staff pastor at Church on the Rock in Lubbock, TX.  She oversees missions, prayer, and ladies ministry among other things.  She is simply the best at training, teaching, mentoring, and helping to launch people into their purpose whether that be as a missionary across the globe or leading a small group in their home.  But her greatest achievement is her beautiful family.  She and Josh have traveled all over the world sharing the love of Jesus, and Josh has this remarkable business-brain that is always coming up with new ideas.  Her girls are dynamic little bundles of kindness and strength and fun which they no doubt inherited from their mom.

Leslie Rich

Leslie is married to Alan, a musical genius with bionic ears that were made for writing, producing, and mixing music.  Their three girls, Taylor, Ava, and Molly Kate have totally embraced Nashville and are some of the bravest most resilient people on the planet.  Leslie is a weird mix of creativity and administration, two attributes not commonly found residing in the same body.  She loves words in any form- a good book, a great song, a witty blog.  She is pursuing her dreams and passions as a songwriter and worshipper in her new city.  Next to family and music, food is her passion.  She is a foodie at heart and loves to cook for her family and others.  To Leslie, there’s nothing quite as special as gathering around a table to eat, talk, laugh, and share some banana pudding.  

A Little More

Perhaps what makes these sisters so remarkable is the amazing family they come from.  Their parents, Jackie and Linda White, are the senior and founding pastors of Church on the Rock in Lubbock, TX.  Growing up PK’s no doubt shaped and formed their lives in numerous ways.  They truly have the most loving, encouraging, amazingly brilliant parents ever.  And the sisters would not be complete without the baby sister, Kelsey.  Kelsey and her family also live in Lubbock.  She is hilarious and fun and sensitive in the best way.  She has three daughters and by some miraculous intervention, one son!  Yes, one of the White girls produced a BOY!