On this week's podcast, we chat with Katy Roark.  Katy is a young woman full of life and passion - you are going to love her!  Katy is a senior at Texas Christian University where she is studying fashion merchandising.  She has become a successful fashion blogger, and is excited about the future after college.  She is living in-between right now as transition looms, but she is tackling it with grace and joy.  

We discussed fashion trends, capsule wardrobes, how what we wear can change how we feel, and the dangers connected to fast fashion.  Do you want to hear a fashionable young blogger give us some tips to be more fashion forward?  Did you know you can actually impact people around the globe with your fashion purchases?  Don't believe me?  Listen to the podcast or you cansubscribe and iTunes will send it to you each time a new one becomes live!  You can also watch us

Here are some of the things we talked about.

You can find Katy Here: