Leslie's Thirty-Eight Things

In the spirit of sisterly love, I too, have made a list of 38 things I wish to accomplish this year to celebrate my big sis turning the big 3-8!  I'll do my best to try and remember to document my accomplishments and share them with you! #inbetween38things

1.  Learn to make chocolate creme brulee

2.  Give my girls piano lessons

3.  Write at least 3 songs a week

4.  Workout 5 days a week (walking the dogs totally counts)

5.  Send birthday cards to friends and family members

6.  Go to Europe with my dad (THIS IS HAPPENING.....LIKE NOW!)

7.  Take an overnight staycation with Alan in Nashville

8.  Record an EP

9.  Keep my houseplants alive (so far, so good)

10.  Cook two new recipes a month

11.  Keep my fingernails painted and grown out (life long nail biter)

12.  Learn new stuff on the piano

13.  Buy my kids fewer Christmas presents

14.  Cook the Thanksgiving turkey (I've always been too afraid and pass it off to someone else, but this is the year!)

15.  Invite friends over once a month for dinner

16.  Have coffee/lunch with a friend once a month

17.  Be a good neighbor

18.  Find a place and start serving at church

19.  Keep my drawers organized

20.  Park my car in the garage

21.  Teach my kids how to cook at least 5 things

22.  Show my family Nashville!  (just need my sisters to come visit!)

23.  Try 10 new restaurants (Already tried one: The Honeysuckle in Cool Springs.....SO GOOD!)

24.  Make some photo memory books

25.  Write at least one blog a week

26.  Record one to two demoes a month

27.  Take a trip with Alan back to Whitestone

28.  Go to the beach this summer

29.  Feel good about myself while at the beach

30.  Work on building my confidence (the struggle is real, people)

31.  Let my kids have friends over more often

32.  Eat more veggies

33.  Pray more

34.  Believe for miracles

35.  Visit a few colleges with Taylor (cue all the tears)

36.  FaceTime my family more

37.  Try to make my bed everyday

38.  Burn the good candles


So there it is!  My 38 things!  What are you going to accomplish this year???