The In-Between Podcast: Episode Thirteen - Meet Resa Troyer

Hi Friends!  You are going to love our chat with Resa Troyer today!  We laughed as we talked about awkward hugs and unsightly messes around the house, but then we also got inspired as Resa began to give us practical tips about simplifying the jobs around the house that can feel overwhelming.  We talk laundry, meal planning, and even cleaning up the linen closet, and we left this conversation feeling ready to get organized and simplify!  Thank you Resa for sharing your heart and some awesome tips.  We both can't wait to try out your e-book and a few of your pointers!

Here are links to the things we discussed on today's show:

Video of Emma Stone's awkward hug.

The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime

Want to learn more about Hygge, read this article.

Find Resa's Meal Planning E-Book "Meal Plans Made Easy" here!

You can find Resa Troyer at or follow her on Instagram @yourdayyourstyle