Paige's Thirty-Eight Things

How is it that I'm 38?!  This is like late-thirty's right?  I'm feeling old, but I'm also ready for a fabulous year and hope you are too!  Here are my 38 Things that I hope to accomplish this year, because friends, we get to do the things that are in our hearts and minds.  Let's stop procrastinating and make this a year full of simple joys and dreams realized.

My sister is joining in this challenge too - you can see her list on Friday.  And my challenge to you is to consider joining in with us.  Simply write out your own list of 38 Things and then lets start checking them off and sharing with one another as we get them done!

Okay, here we go!  #inbetween38things

1. Finish writing the manuscript for my book (I've been working on this for like 2 years...time to get it done)!

2.  Start a pay it forward at Starbucks.

3.  Visit Marfa, TX.

4.  Buy and refinish an antique

5.  See a new animal when we visit Africa this summer.

6.  Go hiking.

7.  Make a fancy 5 course meal.

8. Read one business book of Josh's choosing.

9.  When in Italy this year, let the waiter or chef choose my meal.

10.  Go to a concert.

11.  Make ABM jewelry dish (I think I'll make this a blog later in the year).

12.  Let Leslie introduce me to 3 new things when I visit her in Nashville (yes I'm really coming sometime this year).

13.  Fly a kite.

14.  Have a water fight with my girls.

15.  Leave an encouraging note in a library book.

16.  Sew something with my mom.

17.  Pray for a stranger.

18.  Stargaze

19.  Go a day without any technology.

20.  Plant a small garden.

21.  Workout consistently.

22.  Make homemade ice cream.

23.  Watch the sunrise.

24.  Laugh until I almost wet my pants.

25.  Wear an outfit that Haven picks out for me into public with her.

26.  Go on a date with my dad.

27.  Make a photo memory book.

28.  Try to meet Jaclyn from my dad's story when I visit Kenya.

29.  Write and mail a letter to an old friend.

30.  Teach Selah to ride her bike.

31.  Play 9 holes of golf with Josh.

32.  Read 50 books.

33.  Dance more with Josh and my girls.

34.  Plan quarterly girls nights.

35.  Write at least one blog a week.

36.  Keep track of answered prayers.

37.  Drink more water.

38.  Spend more time in my backyard - Enjoy!